Today we’re reminded that God’s desire for us is to be in an amazing relationship with Him.  He continually reminds us throughout the history of mankind, that He is creative and has created a world for His own pleasure and for our pleasure as well.  It’s a gift.  He has the perfect plan for our lives and for our world.  The more we give Him all honor and glory and praise, the more we are in His will.  He is pleased.  He always knows what is best for us.  The more we seek HIM and worship HIM, we can hear His voice and He gives us comfort and direction.

Lord help us to be in your will.  Your PERFECT will.  Help us to be in a deep relationship with You.  Help us to see how you would have us live.  Help us to seek you in every decision we make.  We want to be in full submission to you in every way.  It is hard for us because we long for things of this earth.  Give us strength oh God.  Holy Spirit move in our hearts and minds.  Thank you for your every blessing. We love you and need you.  In Jesus holy name, we pray.