About EC Staff

About EC Staff

Our Staff

At Desert Christian Early Care and Education Center, our dedicated staff realizes the importance of quality early care and education for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and pre-kindergarteners. Children’s initial experiences with adults (teachers) are critical in determining how they will relate to others, how they will feel about themselves, and how they will perform academically.

Our teachers believe in lifelong learning and participate in on-going training to expand their skills and knowledge. They plan and manage a developmentally appropriate program where children learn to have fun through play. Children’s behavior is guided in positive ways, and professional standards are maintained at all times. In addition, staff members are committed to the Lord and demonstrate respect for Him and His Word.

We look forward to getting acquainted with you and your child.


Our program is a blend of curriculums. We use The Creative Curriculum by Dombro, Colker, Dodge, Innovations Comprehensive Curriculum by Albrecht and Miller, and Bible in Life Curriculum by David Cook. The Curriculum offers: Math, Science Language Arts, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Music and Movement. It is designed to support and extend young children’s learning through direct, hands-on experiences. Children learn when actively engaged in activities that are meaningful. We provide a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.

Prayer, Bible stories, and Christian Children’s Songs are an integral part of our program. We learn Bible stories and verses with puppets, flannelgraphs, dramatization and other play props. Each month we focus on character traits such as obedience or honesty which help children learn the fundamental truths of Christianity and Christian love. Young children’s minds are like sponges; however, under three years of age, their attention span is very short. They use their senses to input information, so they look, touch, smell, hear, or taste things in order to learn. They are constantly moving, touching, experimenting and investigating. They discover their world through active play. Our teachers look for creative moments to present the Word of God so children have opportunities throughout the day to participate in Bible learning.


The environment at Desert Christian Early Care and Education Center is welcoming for both children and families. The comfortable, homelike atmosphere produces feelings of safety and security. It is warm and friendly and very reassuring for families. The environment reflects children’s backgrounds and communicates a sense of trust. Because Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers and Pre-Kindergarteners grow and change so quickly, the classrooms continually provide new challenges and inspire new interests. Each classroom is designed with open-ended play areas that promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development.

The five messages our environment conveys are:

“The place is safe and comfortable.”

“We know who you are, we like you, and you belong here.”

“This is a place you can trust.”

“You can explore materials and objects on your own.”

“We will take good care of you.”

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