Adult Education

Adult Education

Jesus commands us to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” In order to fulfill the third piece of this commandment, DCF places a high value on studying the Bible and the continuing growth of knowledge in our community. Therefore, we provide a variety of ways for our church family to study God’s word and learn to apply it to their lives, including Bible studies and DCF’s series of Discipline Classes.

Bible Study Schedule


7:30 AM Pastor’s Study Fellowship Center Pastor Mike Knight
9:45 AM ACTS/Discipleship Library Doug/Anita Bellinger
9:45 AM Adult Bible Study: Fellowship Center David Hayes & Pastor Kathy


7:00 AM Breakfast Study Group JB’s Restaurant (35th Ave & Northern) Pastor Mike Knight


6:30 PM Adult Bible Study-Book of 1 Corinthians Fellowship Center Pastor Kathy Nielsen
6:30 PM Women’s Bible Study: Women of the Bible Worship Center Erika Hayes


 6:30 PM  Classes on Break until January 9, 2019 Library  Pastor Mike
  6:30 PM  Classes on Break until January 9, 2019  Fellowship Center  Pastor Kathy


9:00 AM  Women’s Bible Study:  Angels in the Bible  Fellowship Center  Carol Joachim
 1:00 PM  Seniors Bible Study  Fellowship Center  Maxine Davis

Home Bible Studies:  Call the Church Office for more information

Doug & Anita Bellinger’s Group
Meet every Monday at 3:00 pm
Where:  2032 E. Tonopah Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85024
Phone: 602-679-9526
Study:  Book — “The People God Uses”  by Dr David Jeremiah

Chuck & Linda Eaton’s Group 
Meet every other Thursday at  6:30 pm
Where:  503 E. Tuckey Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: 602-279-6622
Study:  Video — “In Pursuit of Paul the Apostle,Presented by Dr. Campbell of Our Daily Bread Ministries
Report — “News from a Biblical Perspective, Presented by Pastor Tom Haney