“Building to Bless”

“Building to Bless”


Building to Bless

OUR MISSION: To Share and Enjoy the Personal Touch of Jesus

Dear DCF Family,Our congregation has begun to build our new building for youth and Senior Adults and we will call it, “Haney Hall.” We will continue to reach our community and the people of the valley with this new facility.  In fact, the design and lay-out of the building well be for outreach to many groups in neighborhood and the community we serve.

This is the culmination of five years of raising money and preparing the design of the building.  God has chosen us to be a part of something much bigger than any one of us could have achieved on our own.  He is asking that we share in the responsibility of touching and enriching the life of DCF and our community.  This will be a building that will benefit this present congregation and all who come after us.

We are all an important part of God’s plan. He is asking us to use our talents & treasures to bring praise to His Holy Name & further His work by reaching the financial goals to build and outfit the building. Please join us as we go through this great building project.  This campus expansion will show what can be accomplished by God’s people when they band together to do His work.

Senior Pastor Mike Knight, Founding Pastor Tom Haney and Board of Shepeherds

DCF was born to meet the need of having a church that reflects this neighborhood and embraces the entire community.

“ I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


The main focus of the building project started as our Jr. High, High School and College age youth.  We soon realized that we were thinking too small, so we added a building focus for Senior Adults.  We continued to meet and decided that the focus was still too small, and we have expanded our building focus to include our whole community.

Purpose of the New Building:

DCF was called to be an “Oasis of Hope.” God wants the church to provide open doors and opportunities to those who are in transition to find Jesus as their savior and a Christian home.  A place where they can belong and build a life and a family in the Lord.

Like the Lord, we spend very little time asking anyone about their history and a lot of time finding out where people would like to go in the Lord.  We want to reach people for the Lord and are unashamedly pro-Jesus.  We believe that He is the answer to all the problems anyone has.

We lift up Jesus because He provides our Oasis of Hope.  We have been called at this time in history to impact our community for Jesus and we will not stop until we have done it.

You can become a part of a Church that is vital to neighborhood and impacts our community.  You can become a part of a vision to touch people’s lives for Christ.

Help us ‘Build to Bless’ even more people.

Senior Pastor, Mike Knight

Founding Pastor, Tom Haney