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Home Study Groups

Experience Body Life

An essential part of early Christianity was called “Koinonia”, that warm fellowship of Christian with Christian, where love, joy, and acceptance prevails.

Would you Like to?

  • Find a Place to Serve
  • Exercise Your Gifts
  • Make Lasting Friendships
  • Expand Bible Knowledge
  • Show Your Hospitality
  • Share with one Another
  • Share with one Another

We Need You – No Previous Experience Needed!

As Christians gather together in homes, Body Life is evidenced by instructing one another, study, and pray together and sharing the ministry of spiritual gifts. This is a place where members edify one another in agape love.

…The church must become the church God intended it to be. We must become the kind of Christians God intended us to be. We must learn again to practice deep Koinonia-fellowship, carrying on another’s burdens, sharing one another’s hurts, confessing to one another rejoicing with one another, encouraging one another, celebrating the diversity of our gifts and abilities while maintaining the unity of the Spirit.” Ray Steadman — Body Life


Home Bible Studies:  Call the Church Office for more information

Doug & Anita Bellinger’s Group
Meet every Monday at 3:00 pm
Where:  2032 E. Tonopah Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85024
Study:  Book — “The People God Uses”
     by Dr David Jeremiah
Chuck & Linda Eaton’s Group 

Meet very other Thursday starting Thursday, September 13, 2018  6:30 pm
Where:  503 E. Tuckey Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: 602-279-6622
Study:  Video — “In Pursuit of Paul the Apostle”
     Presented by Dr. Campbell
     Our Daily Bread Ministries
Report — “News from a Biblical Perspective
     Presented by Pastor Tom Haney